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Frequently Asked Questions

GetNano is a KYC-less instant Nano exchange, where you are able to swap your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies to Nano.

Nano is a digital payment protocol designed to be accessible and lightweight, with a focus on removing inefficiencies present in other cryptocurrencies.

  • Fee-less - Nano is fee-less, making it practical and inclusive for everyone in the world.
  • Eco-friendly - Without relying on mining, printing or minting, Nano is sustainable digital money.
  • Instant - Digital money should be quick and easy-to-use, Nano is ready when you are.
To learn more about Nano, visit

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to exchange.
  2. Enter the value of the exchange, and enter your receiving address.
  3. Generate and pay the order as per the order instructions.
  4. Get confirmations and receive payment in Nano.

There is a 1% fee on all exchanges. There are no other additional or hidden fees.

GetNano uses live cryptocurrency prices from CoinGecko to generate rates for each order. There is no hidden spread used in the calculation.

Each cryptocurrency exchange is limited to maximum of $100 USD in approximate value.

We can follow up the order for you - just send the order number and your payment transaction hash to and we can investigate and resolve the issue within 24 hours.